Meet the guys behind the controllers.

Joshua Chagani

Joshua Chagani

Nintendo Loyalist / @joshchagani

Favorite Game

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Joshua’s impact on Earth has affected more people than the Twilight Saga has affected preteen girls and menopausal women, combined.

The tale of his immaculate birth is told throughout Martin Memorial Hospital to this day. Queue lengthy exposition that would consist of several hundred words explaining the dangerous excursion that lead my mother to this point in the hospital, in labor with her son. The baby was so near, yet his mother had not chosen a name for the child-to-be. His mother lay on the hospital bed, frantic, frenzied, and fatigued, she fretted over finding a fabulous name foreshadowing his famed future. The doctors and nurses tried to console her but they were of no avail. “My baby! What am I going to name my baby?” his mother shouted. Out of nowhere, a small finger lightly pressed against her lips.

“Hush, Mother. I have chosen a name to save you from the grief you’re experiencing. My earthly name will be, Joshua.”

“He is surely the next step of our evolution,” awed the doctors and nurses.

Throughout Joshua’s life epic tales followed him, none of which you’ll read in this bio.

After saving the world from the clutches of Cthulhu, which you’ll have to imagine since the events are too terrible to write, Joshua decided to find a way to share his passion of video games to world. So Marshall and he started Random Respawn. Yay!

To a normal person it would seem that Joshua has lived a blessed life, but it is Joshua that has blessed us. Praise be Joshua.

Favorite Game

Bioshock Infinite

Son to Mrs. Beringer and Joshua Chagani, Marshall was born with his head already full-size and completely with beard. Because of his peculiar condition, Marshall couldn’t crawl until he was four. His little body was just too small to move his adult-sized head.

Unable to travel and explore, like youngins do, an alternative form of entertainment was necessary. That something came in the form of video games. As time went by his gaming collection grew, as did his skill. By the time Marshall could walk he had already beaten every single game in existence at that point.

Sadly, there is a drawback to this tale. Marshall, being a big-headed baby, cared neither for difficulty nor story elements. Toddlers care not for stories and cut scenes, they want to get in and play the game. This mentality made a lasting impression on him. To this very day Marshall still skips cut scenes and plays on normal difficulty.

Once his body grew into his head he teamed up with his father, Joshua Chagani, to create Random Respawn. Yay!

Marshall Beringer

Marshall Beringer

Cut-scene skipper / @smbering2

Caleb Jones

Caleb Jones

16-bit pixel junkie / @CalebyteRR

Favorite Game


Caleb, when born, was incorrectly diagnosed with leprosy. In an attempt to make Caleb feel included in society his parents sent him off to a leper colony (coincidentally, this had the opposite effect since he did not have leprosy). His time spent in this decaying colony was not without positives. It was here that Caleb had his first experience with video games.

After settling into his new abode, Caleb quickly made numerous friends. As luck would have it, his leper neighbors and their children had a NES. Being the only children with a game console in the colony, Caleb thought that they were a little spoiled rotten…literally.

Caleb’s skills grew and grew. He was master of the controller and arcade cabinets. No level was too much for his gaming prowess. In fact, it was his gaming skills that attracted his first girlfriend. A young, leper girl named Annie Matter. His combo skills and charm completely disarmed her…literally. It wasn’t long before they decided to go steady and move in together (leper colonies are quite liberal with housing arrangements). Although it had cost her arm and a leg…literally, they were happy in their very own gaming household.

Many a happy night befell on that couple. Many more happy nights would have followed but something was amiss. Caleb realized that he wasn’t like everyone else. To him, “Cutting footloose,” was a song from a Kevin Bacon movie, not a literal thing. He knew he had to leave the leper colony and venture to his real home, with his people. This meant the love he shared with Annie would come to an abrupt end.

Annie took the news poorly. She cried her eyes out…literally. Deep down, she knew this day would come, but it didn’t make it any easier. Caleb made departing arrangements. Caleb would make it in the real world, he had a leg up on everyone…literally.

As Caleb boarded the boat, he turned and waved to his leper comrades. As the boat docked they all gave him a hand…literally. They cheered and shouted praise and wishes. From the bow of the ship Caleb cried out to Annie, “I’ll always love you. You have my heart…not literally.” Annie wanted to say that she knew. She wanted to say, “Stay.” She wanted to tell him she loved him. But she didn’t. She stood there in silence because a cat got her tongue…literally.

Thus Caleb made his way to the states, stuff happened, and now he’s part of Random Respawn. Yay!


Humble Hyrule Horticulturist

Corey’s driving force is his uncanny ability to geek out way too hard on the game he is currently enjoying. Data mining, min/maxing, farming, & exploits are this guy’s bread and butter. Corey’s drive to squeeze the most out of every in-game minute is a product of trying to balance his passion for video games & real life responsibilities. A day job, night classes, and a few Destiny raids is a lot in 24 hours.

Through overly detailed Reddit posts and YouTube video guides, Corey aims to help people get the most out of their gaming experiences. Less time grinding means more time having fun in his mind. Yeah, he may ramble, but damnit you’ll be well informed at the end of one of Corey’s videos.

Corey is mainly an avid First Person Shooter kind of guy, but he can easily be distracted by an outstanding third person RPG. Some of his favorite games are: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Destiny, Payday 2, Dark Souls 2, The Witcher 2, Counter-Strike, Battlefield Bad Company 2, & Overwatch. (He really digs sequels)

On top of being a content creator for Random Respawn, Corey helps coordinate everything in the background and takes care of the business side of things. Corey is incredibly passionate about building the Radom Respawn “brand”. Corey’s main priority is making sure all of our content is not only the highest quality, but also brings you the most value for your time.

Current man crush: Datto

Corey Trout

Corey Trout

Last name is also a fish / @underscorey