Sorry, everyone, we can’t talk about videogames just yet. We need to figure out how the hell Josh hasn’t seen Lethal Weapon. This is important to our interests as well as other movies. Oh, and Facebook bought out the Oculus Rift. I guess that’s important too (and our topic for today’s podcast), but mostly the movies!

Josh has been platforming while losing his head in The Puppeteer. He also has been running in Bit Trip’s Runner 2. Caleb and Marshall have been dying (a lot) in Dark Souls 2, but Marshall needed some comedy in his life (to counter all the dying), so he’s been playing South Park: The Stick of Truth as well.

Josh never saw Mad Max too. I just thought you all needed to know.

Press Start to JUST WALK AWAY (Josh won’t get this joke because he’s never seen Mad Max)!