Do you know what the worst part about games is? The whole “buying” part of it. Ah yes, money, that terrible vice that happens to disappear whenever a Steam sale comes along. Fear not, gamers, for there are plenty of Free-To-Play games out there that, at face value, are completely free to install and play.

However, are they really “free,” or is it a trap to hand over more money faster than you can say “75% off on Steam!” The gang goes into a lengthy discussion about the good and bad of this new system of gaming. Josh managed to finish DmC: Devil May Cry and has begun the wonderful trek through The Wonderful 101, Caleb has been sucked into Hearthstone (no thanks to Marshall) while also playing a ton of board games, Corey has been playing Loadout (a Free-To-Play no less!) as well as breaking Risk of Rain, and Marshall cannot stop playing Hearthstone. I think he needs help.

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