Oh crap. That sweet new armor set you just found requires Dragon parts to upgrade. Freaking DRAGON PARTS? Don’t worry, I got you.


There are three Dragons found within Breath of the Wild: Dinraal, Farosh, & Naydra. Each of these Dragons can drop a horn, fang, scale, and claw. These items have one of two purposes: upgrading particular armor sets, or cooking. (COOKING? Why would I cook a Dragon horn? Dragon parts are the best ingredient to increase the duration of your dishes. A single horn added to a recipe will make that dish/elixir last for 30 minutes.)

Required Dragon Parts by Armor:

Armor SetArmor PieceDragon(s)HornFangScaleClaw
Wild SetHeadFarosh2222
Wild SetBodyNaydra2222
Wild SetLegsDinraal2222
Fierce Diety SetHeadDinraal1111
Fierce Diety SetBodyNaydra1111
Fierce Diety SetLegsFarosh1111
Barbarian SetHeadDinraal1
Barbarian SetBodyFarosh1
Barbarian SetLegsNaydra1
Champion’s TunicBodyALL2
Snow BootsLegsNaydra2

Dragon Part Farming Intro:

Step 1: Prep Work

In order for this method to become as efficient as possible and allow you to repeat it as many times as you want, you need to do some prep work.

  1. Gather up some wood.
    • You will need a bundle of wood for each Dragon you want to farm.
    • Just bomb some trees twice instead of chopping them down with a weapon.
  2. Find a way to make fire multiple times.
    • Fire arrows, flint, red chu chu jelly, bomb arrows in grass, or a flame weapon. Pick your poison.
    • My suggestion is to pick up the Great Flameblade at the Ancient Tree Stump, West of the Central Tower. It respawns every Blood Moon and lasts a long time if you’re just relighting fires. Check out THIS video to find out where specifically.
  3. Acquire a Long-Range Single-Shot Bow
    • Examples of this bow architype are the: Golden Bow, Twilight Bow, Ancient Bow, & Phrenic Bow
    • My suggestion is to pick up the Golden Bow next to the Gerudo Tower. It respawns every Blood Moon and has a nice zoom to really pinpoint where you are aiming. Check out THIS video to find out where specifically.

Step 2: Find and Activate the Springs

There are three springs throughout the world: The Spring of Power, Spring of Wisdom, & Spring of Courage. Once you visit these shrines and Pray to them for the first time, the Dragons will spawn at a regular and predictable interval. This is key to our farming method.

Spring of Power
* LOCATION DESCRIPTION: Akkala region, directly to the East of the volcano. Between the North Akkala Valley and the Ordorac Quarry.
Spring of Power

Spring of Courage
* LOCATION DESCRIPTION: Located North of the Faron region, between Popla Foothills and Dracozu Lake.
Spring of Courage

Spring of Wisdom
* LOCATION DESCRIPTION: Located at the summit of Mount Lanayru.
* SECIAL NOTE: This Spring requires you to free the Dragon Naydra from the Ganon Blight before you can activate the Spring. Shoot the balls of black and purple badness until Naydra is cleared.
Spring of Wisdom

Step 3: Learn How Your Dragon Encounters Will Go

There are a couple of key things to remember when fighting a Dragon. Keep the following tidbits in mind when farming:

  • Shooting the Dragon in particular spots rewards certain items.
    • Shoot in Head —– Recieve Horn
    • Shoot in Mouth —- Recieve Fang
    • Shoot in Body —– Recieve Scale
    • Shoot in Foot —— Recieve Claw
  • Once the Dragon is hit, that part will glow for around 3-5 seconds, and then shoot off in a random direction. (Think Star Fragments)
    • Dragon parts float in water, so don’t worry about them sinking and losing them forever.
  • You can only get one Dragon part per day. Use your campfire to fast forward a day and start over.
  • Dragons in this game fly by creating huge updrafts around them. Use these to effortlessly float/paraglide next to them and get a better sniping location.
  • Each dragon fires off elemental balls around them, please be careful.
    • Use resist armor or elixirs/dishes to avoid death by balls.
  • Dragons will not spawn if you are on/around their exact spawn location.
  • Dragons will spawn at the same time and follow the same path every day.

Dragon Part Farming Methods:

Dinraal Farming

Dinraal spawns near the Eldin Mountain Rage, travels down the North side of the mountain and then West.

    • East Deplian Badlands
    • GIF
    • Morning (5:00 AM)
    • Fire

Farosh Farming

Farosh spawns at multiple locations within lake Hylia. He will travel across the bridge at least once.

    • Bridge of Hylia
    • GIF
    • Morning (5:00 AM)
    • Lightning

Naydra Farming

Naydra spawns on Mount Lanayru, travels down the West side of the mountain, and right above the East Gate.

    • Lanayru Road – East Gate
    • GIF
    • Morning (5:00 AM)
    • Ice


I hope this helps you all out, and let me know if you have any suggestions to improve this method!

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